[Twisted-Python] client, deferred and/or reactor hung on these 2 URL's

Rick Graves gravesricharde at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 14 01:13:04 MST 2007


I ran the same file of almost 850 URL's again today,
and again today, in the end the program was hung on
the same two URL's.  

I tried the URL's with a program like WebCat.py from
the Twisted book, which I also call WebCat.py.  Like
the one in the book, it uses client.getPage.  It is
different from the one in the book as follows:

1) The Errorback in the book did not work for me, so I
wrote a simple one, and 

2) I do not need to print the text of the page on the
screen, my WebCat.py only prints the number of bytes

If you want to take a look and/or try it yourself, I
put it here:


Those two URL's also hang my WebCat.py.  WebCat.py
does work with other URL's.

> (Many ISPs have transparent proxies these days,

I am definitely connecting through a proxy at the ISP.
 Around here, that is what you get.  

> If you can still reproduce then a traffic capture
could be of use.

How do I do that?



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