[Twisted-Python] Ticket Hall of Shame - Current Loser: Brian Warner

Mars Agliullin griph at mail.ru
Sun Jan 14 00:05:59 MST 2007

Christopher Armstrong пишет:
>> For example, I'd be happy to implement SCGI authentication (ticket
>> #1300). But it is better to know in advance, how core team want this
>> feature to be implemented. Otherwise it is just a lost time for me to
>> code and for the core team to view it.
> I don't think this is a systemic problem. If you want to work on SCGI
> authentication, and you want to know how the developers think it ought
> to be implemented, then you 1. look in the ticket for implementing
> SCGI authentication to see if any discussion has happened (or make
> one, if it doesn't exist), and 2. ASK the developers how they think it
> ought to be implemented. If nobody responds, then there is not much
> interest and you can probably feel free to do it however you want.
... provided that rules described in the FAQ for contributors apply. OK. 
I got the point. Thank you a lot.

Best regards, Mars Agliullin

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