[Twisted-Python] Ticket Hall of Shame - Current Loser: Brian Warner

Mars Agliullin griph at mail.ru
Sat Jan 13 04:50:06 MST 2007

glyph at divmod.com пишет:
> By "responsiveness" I meant responding to people who report bugs, and 
> being clear on what we are vs. are not working on.  The problem I am 
> trying to address is best described here:
>     http://www.jwz.org/doc/cadt.html
Yes! But there is another problem. Say, one wants some feature to be 
supported in twisted. He/she sends a patch, but it is dropped by the 
core team, since they think it should be implemented another way.
It is OK, but if the implementation had been discussed before, there 
would be less time lost. Correct me, if I miss something, but more 
detailed roadmaps by the core team would be helpful for everyone who 
wants to participate. If there _are_ roadmaps, give me an URL, please.

For example, I'd be happy to implement SCGI authentication (ticket 
#1300). But it is better to know in advance, how core team want this 
feature to be implemented. Otherwise it is just a lost time for me to 
code and for the core team to view it.

Sorry, if I'm crude here. I'm new to this list, although using twisted 
for several months (btw, it's cool & tasty!). And English is not my 
native language, so sorry again for style. :)

Best regards, Mars Agliullin

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