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Sat Jan 6 07:57:37 MST 2007

On 02:09 pm, n_draghetta at yahoo.com wrote:
>I have a wrapper written in Python for a TLS library written in C. I have to write an adapter in Twisted in order to encrypt the communication.

Twisted already includes TLS support via PyOpenSSL.  See:


There are some annoying deficiencies, mainly where PyOpenSSL has left out wrapping an API, but in general it works well.

It is certainly possible to plug in your own, but it would involve a fairly deep understanding of the implementation details of both Twisted and your TLS library.

If you need some TLS feature that Twisted does not currently provide, your best bet would be looking at this ticket, and contributing patches to help us with it:


We don't wish to fork PyOpenSSL, and certainly are not enthusiastic to maintain it, but the current maintainer seems to have abandoned it, and it would be easier to continue some light maintenance without him than to port to a whole new TLS layer.

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