[Twisted-Python] Plugins as event subscribers?

Ivanov Maxim redbaron at hitv.ru
Sun Feb 25 03:31:52 EST 2007

Hi! I'm starting my first Twisted project. It will consist of some sort of 
daemon which will communicate with one game server via UDP protocol and as 
result of this communication it will fireup some events. All needed 
functional will provided via plugins. Each plugin will register handler  on 
each event during init process. Each handler will use some sort of core API 
to communicate with game server (for example to send message to player). 

Twisted provided enough good usefull options:
- Easy low level UDP programming
- Easy support of plugins

But how about easy providing high level API to plugins? How about non twisted 
events engine? Should I write theese things from scratch, or I should read 
documentation more deeper and find some sort of framework to write such 

I don't have much Python expirience, that's why I ask this questions.  I've 
some expirience with Zope and TurboGears web frameworks, they are also Python 
based, but I suppose this expirience will be useless with Twisted.

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