[Twisted-Python] Removing cruft from logs

"Einar S. Idsø" einar.twisted at norsk-esport.no
Sun Feb 11 17:15:12 EST 2007

Eric Mangold wrote:
> I take it you're using twistd? In that case, yes, twistd adds a log
> observer when it starts. There also isn't any supported way of getting
> access to it. This and other issues are an unfortunate component of the
> present Twisted reality :)
> Here's a hack:
> from twisted.python import log
> log.removeObserver(log.theLogPublisher.observers[0])
> Then your custom observer should be the only one left.
> Hope that helps,
> --Eric Mangold
> Twisted/Win32 Co-Maintainer

Thank you for your answer! It's too bad that it isn't possible to
manipulate the default logger when using twistd.

I tried your hack, but even though it stops the twistd.log from spewing
cruft, I am unable to remove it from my own log. If I simply return from
emit(), nothing is printed, as expected. But if I don't return but
instead call log.fileObserver.emit(self, logEntryDict), both the line I
wish to log and the line I wish to get rid of are printed. It seems as
if both lines are printed as the result of one call to emit(). How can I
prevent the second from being printed?

Below is a simple working example.


******* Server ********

from twisted.application import internet, service, strports
from twisted.web import server, xmlrpc
from twisted.internet import protocol as tiprotocol, reactor, task
from twisted.python import log, logfile
import sys

class ErrorLog(log.FileLogObserver):
   def emit(self, logEntryDict):
      # We can take a look at the message we are asked to log
      # sys.stdout.write("MSG: ---->%s<----" %logEntryDict['message'])
      # Alternatively just return to have no lines logged
      # return
      log.FileLogObserver.emit(self, logEntryDict)

class ErrorLogService(service.Service):
   def __init__(self, logName, logDir):
      self.logName = logName
      self.logDir = logDir
      self.maxLogSize = 1000000

   def startService(self):
      self.logFile = logfile.LogFile(
         self.logName, self.logDir, rotateLength = self.maxLogSize)

      self.log = ErrorLog(self.logFile)

   def stopService(self):

class XmlRpcServer(xmlrpc.XMLRPC):
   def xmlrpc_test(self, data):
      log.msg("Received: %s" %data)
      return 2*data;

xmlServer = XmlRpcServer()
application = service.Application('MyApp')
serviceCollection = service.IServiceCollection(application)
xmlSite = server.Site(xmlServer)
xmlServer = strports.service("35550", xmlSite)

errorLogServer = ErrorLogService('myapp.err.log', './')


****** Simple test ******
>>> import xmlrpclib
>>> s=xmlrpclib.Server('http://localhost:35550')
>>> s.test(1)

***** Results *******
The following two lines should be logged to myapp.err.log. I need to get
rid of the second:

2007/02/11 23:12 CET [HTTPChannel,1,] Received: 1
2007/02/11 23:12 CET [HTTPChannel,1,] - -
[11/Feb/2007:22:12:19 +0000] "POST /RPC2 HTTP/1.0" 200 121 "-"
"xmlrpclib.py/1.0.1 (by www.pythonware.com)

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