[Twisted-Python] Something strange about cred

Stephen Waterbury stephen.c.waterbury at nasa.gov
Thu Feb 8 16:16:12 EST 2007

glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> On 03:16 pm, stephen.c.waterbury at nasa.gov wrote:
>> P.S.  Sorry I can't irc from work -- NASA/GSFC IT policy
>> doesn't allow that.  :(
> Clearly you're allowed to exchange messages with dangerous subversives
> like us, so would it help if we wrote an IRC-via-SMTP proxy? ;-)

Heh -- unfortunately, running one's own SMTP service is a Big Hairy
Deal as well.  In ze old days, everybody used to be able to run
their own sendmail, but now you have to have an account on a
NASA/GSFC smtp server and send from that ... bah!  :P

I should quit bitching, just ssh to my home machine and use an
IRC client from there ... guess I'm lazy.  Whining is too much fun.  ;)


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