[Twisted-Python] Using twisted.trial with nose unittest system

Allen Bierbaum abierbaum at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 00:18:39 EST 2007

> >Yep.  Not pretty by any means. :(
> >
> >I am sure that any suggestions you have to make it better would be
> >well-recieved by the nose project and the plugin's author.   :)
> >
> You never mentioned why nose interested you.  What's the attraction?

I thought I added a link to the page, but you have to look down to the
features sections to see the details:

The most significant feature I like right now is the test discovery.
It just works and makes sense since it will find classes, methods,
modules, packages, nested packages, everything.  It also allows setup
and teardown methods at the module and package scope which can come in
very handy to setup more expensive fixtures.  The output capture seems
like a good feature but I haven't had to use it much yet (it captures
the stdout during a test and only shows it if there is a failure).
The assertion messages are cleaner, it support plugins, the list goes

The summary is that it is just more featureful then the standard
unittest module and it seems like a more solid well-reasoned framework
for testing.  It doesn't do everything, but the things it does do make
a lot of seem to make development easier.

Reading through the link above doesn't take long and it does give a
good idea of the capabilities.


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