[Twisted-Python] Local Twisted programming contest

Vincent Cate vince6 at offshore.ai
Sat Feb 3 23:27:08 EST 2007

I am doing a series of programming contests for local high-school kids.
The first one was to make a "computer guesses your animal" game that any
number of users could play by telnet.  I gave them an echo program in
Twisted and an Animal program in Python, so they just had to figure out
how to merge these two.  I got 5 kids that showed up to at least one
meeting and one kid that wrote code that worked.  These guys had never
used Python or twisted before, and not really done that much
programming.  The first 2-3 weeks seemed to be just getting started with
Python/twisted and people only seemed to write code in the last week.
Even the ones that did not finished learned some and had fun.   In case
anyone else wants to do such a thing, this was the first assignment at

I am thinking of a digital coin clearing client/server with a bit of GUI
for the next one.  If anyone has ideas for a programming contest for
high-school kids using Twisted, please let me know.

   -- Vince

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