[Twisted-Python] Twisted apps + zeroconf, anyone?

Jarek Zgoda jarek.zgoda at sensisoft.com
Thu Dec 27 09:33:46 EST 2007

Jean-Paul Calderone napisał(a):

>>> This doesn't mean it wouldn't be cool to have a very Twisted-friendly
>>> zero-
>>> conf library.  But it does mean that for practical purposes, that's
>>> usually
>>> not what you want.
>> I do not want to run my own mDNS service, I just want to advertize
>> (publish) my webservice in running instance of mDNS.
>> [snip]
>> Itamar's module (mentioned by
>> Thomas) seems to be perfect fit my needs if only I'd be able to
>> implement service publishing part (discovery and browsing works well,
>> after adapting the code to Twisted 2.5 layout). ;)
> Itamar's module is for running your own mDNS service.

If so, I am blind and lost.

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