[Twisted-Python] Twisted apps + zeroconf, anyone?

Jean-Paul Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Wed Dec 26 22:58:03 EST 2007

On Wed, 26 Dec 2007 13:31:50 +0100, Jarek Zgoda <jarek.zgoda at sensisoft.com> wrote:
>I'd like to add auto-discovery feature to my (Twisted) application and I
>thought I'll use zeroconf to advertize the service to clients in local
>network. I decided on zeroconf, because the app is a webservice that has to
>be accessible to multitude of various clients. Unfortunately, the only one
>library I found barely usable with Twisted is PyZeroconf (the other is
>avahi, but it seems too tightly bound to gobject to be usable with
>Twisted). Is this all or I do not know how to use google?
>Anybody can share any hints on this? Is this feasible idea or there are
>better ways to achieve what I want?

There is only supposed to be one process on a system taking care of zeroconf
publications.  This means that it is more likely that you will want your app
to talk to some existing zeroconf software.  For example, on Linux, avahi.

This means that for most practical purposes, you don't actually want to talk
mdns.  You want to talk to avahi (or to something on OS X, or to something
on Windows).

This doesn't mean it wouldn't be cool to have a very Twisted-friendly zero-
conf library.  But it does mean that for practical purposes, that's usually
not what you want.


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