[Twisted-Python] How to configure setup.py for a twistd TAP app

Chris Miles miles.chris at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 06:34:12 EST 2007

On 21/12/2007, at 5:43 PM, Chris Miles wrote:

> On 21/12/2007, at 1:30 AM, Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:
>> On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 18:23:44 +1100, Chris Miles <miles.chris at gmail.com 
>> > wrote:
>>> Thanks Jean-Paul, that worked great, with both  
>>> distutils.core.setup  and twisted.python.dist.setup.  When I used  
>>> the latter I didn't need  to regenerate the plugin cache, twistd  
>>> picked up the new command  immediately after install.  Is this the  
>>> advantage of  twisted.python.dist.setup ?
>> Not quite.  twisted.python.dist is an internal module, not part of  
>> Twisted's
>> public API.  Notice this line in its docstring:
>>  API Stability: Unstable. Don't use it outside of Twisted.
> Understood.  I'm happy with the solution using distutils.core.setup  
> and forcing a plugin cache refresh.

I have documented the method I used to package my Twisted app using  
distutils.  I used the Twisted finger tutorial as an example.


Hope this helps others.

Chris Miles

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