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Josef Novak josef.robert.novak at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 17:54:33 EST 2007

Thank you for all the feedback, it was quite useful.  I'm still quite new to
twisted, threads and quite the novice programmer, as my questions indicate;
this project has been quite enlightening. As a solution I decided that
passing off the compute intensive operations in a proper callback to another
(set of) machine(s), which is dedicated to these jobs was a more viable
longterm solution than this start-stop madness I initially came up with.
However, attempting it initially resulted in a great opportunity for me to
learn a bit about threads and processes, so it wasn't necessarily a waste of
Thanks again!

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> On 10:04 am, josef.robert.novak at gmail.com wrote:
> >Ok I see this will definitely not work as we are talking about threads
> >and
> >not processes so os.kill is of no use to me.  I guess there is no way
> >to
> >track these new threads and stop/pause/restart them based on some other
> >decision logic?  Would have been nice if there were though...  -joe
> If you really think about it (and I mean really think about it, computer
> science-y stuff, understanding what sharing state in threads really
> means, how the Python interpreter happens to work now, considering all
> the ways it could work) the idea of stopping and restarting threads is
> inherently broken.  You might be able to make it work, by accident, for
> a few simple cases, but there would be no reasonable way to guarantee
> safety except for forcing the explicit use of channels to communicate
> between threads.  If you're doing that, though, you're effectively using
> processes. SIGSTOP and friends work just fine on them :).
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