[Twisted-Python] PyAMF 0.1.0 alpha

Arnar Birgisson arnarbi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 20:17:10 EST 2007

Hello there,

For people communicating with Flash or Flex/AIR frontends, this might be of use.


We are pleased to announce the first alpha version of PyAMF.

PyAMF [1] is a lightweight library that allows Flash and Python
applications to communicate via Adobe's ActionScript Message Format.

A summary of features in this release:

 * AMF0 and AMF3 encoders/decoders
 * Support for IExternalizable, ArrayCollection, ObjectProxy, ByteArray,
RecordSet and RemoteObject
 * Remoting gateways for Twisted, WSGI, and Django
 * Authentication/setCredentials support (AMF0 only)
 * zlib compression support for ByteArray
 * Remoting client with httplib

Check out the download page [2] and installation instructions [3].

Got questions? First stop is the mailing list [4].


The PyAMF Team

[1] - http://pyamf.org
[2] - http://pyamf.org/wiki/Download
[3] - http://pyamf.org/wiki/Install
[4] - http://pyamf.org/wiki/MailingList

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