[Twisted-Python] Server/Client bi-directional data-transfer - need a solution

Sajit Rao sajitrao at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 22:07:41 EST 2007


*The Goal:*

   - I'm trying to write a simple server/client app where the client can
   send the server either a small string like "hello" OR a small file (txt,
   pdf, ppt,.. let's say < 5MB ).
   - The server needs to figure out if the data it received is a simple
   string or a file and symmetrically may decide to send back to the client a
   simple string or a small file.
   - As a bonus, It's highly desirable that the transfer be secure - but
   it's ok for the first version if it isn't


What's the cleanest way to accomplish this? I've been looking at the single
Howto/Example that exists for *twisted.conch* but still can't understand
several things. In particular

   1. Should I create two separate channels between server and client -
   one for simple strings and one for files so that the client or server knows
   the type of data on that channel?

   2. Should the files be mime-encoded at one end and mime-decoded at the
   other so that file-type is automatically handled?

   3. I've read that there is a python package called paramiko that
   implements ssh2 transfer - how does this compare with twisted.conch?

This is my first time playing around with twisted or any kind of networking
stuff so any kind of help will be appreciated


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