[Twisted-Python] number of Hack Fests reaches an all-time high

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Dec 11 15:25:18 EST 2007


There will be a Hack Fest this coming Friday, December 14th, at 17:00
hours Pacific Time, at the offices of allmydata.com in Potrero Hill,
San Francisco.

This will be the third Hack Fest, making its cardinal number one
larger than the cardinal number of any previous Hack Fest! [1, 2]

We already have two people lined up to show off their projects,
making the number of presenters with prior planning one larger than
any previous number of prepared presentations.

Those two are Pavel with a Python decompiler ("WATCH as he
translates .pyc files into .py files before your very eyes!") and
Nejucomo with "Conway's Second Life", which is mattress of cells
floating above the ground which spawn new cells and reconfigure
themselves in order to play Conway's Life.

Since one of these demos will be taking place in Second Life
(projected onto the wall of our office in First Life), we thought it
would be fun to invite people who can't physically come to San
Francisco to virtually join the Hack Fest in Second Life.  Please e-
mail me zooko at zooko.com and nejucomo at gmail.com to coordinate.

By the way, there will probably be more projects at play at the Hack
Fest -- these two are just the only two that are already planned.
You are welcome to bring yours!

As usual, allmydata.com will generously provide drinks, eats, and
funky beats.  Please RSVP to zooko at zooko.com and secorp at allmydata.com.



[1] http://lists.zooko.com/pipermail/p2p-hackers/2007-November/ 
[2] http://lists.zooko.com/pipermail/p2p-hackers/2007-November/ 

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