[Twisted-Python] Please help: having problems with the simplest Twisted Server/Client Demo Example from the Tutorial

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Sun Dec 9 13:44:07 EST 2007

On 01:10 am, sajitrao at gmail.com wrote:
>The problem is that the client never connects with the server. it 
>"Started to Connect" and hangs, then times out with an error. I'm 
>this on my laptop running WinXP - I first start the server program 
>(from the
>command line python prompt) and then the client program in another 
>window on
>the same machine. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

Your code, for what it's worth, looks correct.  Try running it on a 
different machine.  (A stock Ubuntu image in VMWare would be best.)

The most common cause of this problem is a software firewall popping up 
a dialog box underneath the window that you're looking at, or denying 
traffic to 'python.exe' altogether.

Another cause I've seen once or twice is the name "localhost" being 
misconfigured.  Try specifically connecting to "" instead.

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