[Twisted-Python] Altering Distutils to get PyOpenSSL to Work ? Re: Twisted-Python Digest, Vol 44, Issue 32

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 5 16:18:42 EST 2007

Hello Zooko:

> The error message is in error.  Here is the Python
> issue ticket in   which the message was changed from
>stating that you have to use the  
> same compiler that was used to build Python, to
> instead stating that  you have to use a compiler
that >is compatible with the one that was  used to
build >Python:

> In my experience, simply setting "compiler=mingw32"
> in your distutils config file works for all
extension >modules that I have tried  *except* for

Thanks for the information...

I have followed pyOpenSSL's Windows instructions. I
downloaded the Microsoft Visual C++ Express kit (what
a monster). I still get the same message.

I read somewhere that distutils looks at the registry
to look for the Microsoft C compiler. I know little
about distutils and I have not used Visual Studio in
ages. And I really need to get https stuff working

If this is the case, what exactly would I have to
change and what value do I use?

Thanks in advance,

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