[Twisted-Python] Re: Advise for heavy concurrency

Nicola Larosa nico at teknico.net
Sun Dec 2 04:54:13 EST 2007

Atilla wrote:
> When it comes to deferToThread - is that actually going to be of any
> use? Do I get an advantage of running the "send" loop in a seperate
> thread? What if, say, I never had to send more than 10-50 messages, so
> the loop is relatively small - then I'd have to keep spawning threads
> for no reason.

Exactly, no reason. Don't spawn threads, unless you have no other way.

> But - when it comes to large send queues, how can that be chopped in
> an efficient manner? Chop it into equal pieces and schedule them with
> small delay, one after the other?

Yes, and the delay can be very small. Send 50-100 messages at a time, then
run the next batch with a reactor.callLater(0.00000001, ...). That way the
reactor will be able to handle network events with low latency.

Or just use coiterate, as Manlio said:


It works in 10ms batches: that's your latency. It also uses a 10us delay on
the callLater.

> Defer them to another thread?

Don't. Only use threads in Twisted if you have to call external, synchronous
libraries, like database clients.

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