[Twisted-Python] Advise for heavy concurrency

Tristan Seligmann mithrandi at mithrandi.za.net
Sat Dec 1 21:56:59 EST 2007

* Tristan Seligmann <mithrandi at mithrandi.za.net> [2007-12-02 04:50:44 +0200]:

> * Atilla <theatilla at gmail.com> [2007-12-02 00:37:47 +0100]:
> > When it comes to deferToThread - is that actually going to be of any
> > use? Do I get an advantage of running the "send" loop in a seperate
> > thread? What if, say, I never had to send more than 10-50 messages, so
> You cannot call any Twisted functions from a thread, with the exception
Er, I guess I should have worded this more carefully. What I meant is: you cannot call
any Twisted functions from a different thread to the one the reactor is
running in, which includes any thread created with deferToThread.

> of callFromThread; so this would probably be pretty pointless.
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