[Twisted-Python] Chat server

Lee Connell lee.a.connell at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 20:48:50 EDT 2007

You could just build a tcp server and write your own protocol to handle
commands between the client and the server.  I have example of basic way
of handling this using XML as the wrapper around the packets if

On Mon, 2007-08-27 at 13:49 -0300, Tomas Neme wrote:
> I'm making an MMO game with several "levels" that will be distributed
> over different servers and need a centralized chat server. The general
> idea was to make an IRC (exarkun recommended Jabber but this is just a
> detail) server with channels like #all #<guild> #<room>, etcetera, and
> make the game client logon into it and let it handle all the chat
> data.
> I've been reading t.words's tap and service but I'm not getting the
> general idea of what a chat service (with probably an offline
> messaging service) should look like, and what does all of the stuff
> underneath words do, and wether I need it or not if I'm not going to
> be multi-protocol'ed
> Does anyone have a few pointers on what should I read before getting
> myself into it? words' documentation is not exactly throughout, so I'm
> kind of lost here
> Tomás (Lacrymology)

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