[Twisted-Python] Reactor takes a long time to shutdown

Richard Wall m-lists at the-moon.net
Tue Aug 28 17:45:42 EDT 2007

Chris Miles wrote:
> I tried your code and it works fine for me.  The script always exits 
> right away after scanning all ports.  I tried various hosts and various 
> port ranges.
> I'm running Python 2.4.4, Twisted 2.5.0, on OS X.


Thanks for trying it out. I'm working on Ubuntu Gutsy, Python2.5, Twisted trunk, 
Kernel 2.6.22. I just tried on a server running Ubuntu Dapper, Python2.4, kernel 
2.6.15 and that shuts down straight away, as you found. Oh well.

> btw: I would warn against port scanning public sites such as google; you 
> don't want to trip an IDS and cop the wrath of a network admin.

I was using someone elses ADSL at the time :)

> Hope this helps.
> Cya at PyConUK.

Yep, look forward to it. Assuming I finish the slides in time. ;)


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