[Twisted-Python] Job offer for Python Lead, LA or the Bay Area

Andy Gayton andy at thecablelounge.com
Fri Aug 10 13:22:26 EDT 2007

DigiSynd is an experienced team of Los Angeles-based digital pioneers 
with a unique vision: to create, produce, syndicate, and market online 

DigiSynd uses time-honored storytelling techniques and valuable lessons 
from traditional media, but applies them in a medium of online 
communities, virtual experiences, interactivity and user-generated content.

They're based in LA, Burbank - across the street from the Warner Bros Lot.

Digisynd are seeking a seasoned python engineer. Ideally you:

     * live and breath python
     * have exceptional SQL skills
     * have experience with capturing, and reporting off large datasets 
in real time
     * have extensive experience with web services - both creating and 

You should be based in LA, or in the bay area.  This is a great 
opportunity to put together and lead a team of developers, while working 
in a very interesting space.

If interested, send your resume through to jobs14 at digisynd.com

I'm trekking out to the SuperHappyDevHouse at Los Gatos tomorrow.  If 
you know anyone who is going that might be interested, just tell them to 
grab me.


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