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Tue Aug 7 08:37:35 EDT 2007


We just posted this on guru.com but thought maybe one of you would be interested in helping us with this project.
We need a special smtp server created using twisted-python for ubuntu linux(feisty fawn server)that will accept an email then send that email to multiple anti-spam servers. Each email needs to be tagged with an ID and when relayed needs to appear as if it was received from the original sender(ip spoofing). This SMTP server could be visualized as an ethernet bridge that puts an ID on each received email then tees the connection and sends that email to multiple servers simultaneously. The connections to the anti-spam servers need to be monitored for how long it takes to accept the email, reject the email, or the connection errors out. All this data needs to be inserted in real time to a mysql database.

We expect that the smtp server will not act exactly like an ethernet bridge(pass through) since the sending will have significant overhead as compared to the receiving and that queuing will be a natural way for the system to manage a heavy workload.

It is very important to us that the anti-spam servers see our computer as the previous sending server since many anti-spam systems rely on black-listed IP's.

The receiving of emails will be from the internet the anti-spam servers will have limited access to the internet.

The software should be able to send 10 messages or more per second. Receiving email should not be an issue since only simple queuing is required.

This is an experimental project and well written and commented code is a requirement since we expect many updates to happen over a short amount of time.

Our guess is the stock twisted smtp server with twisted pair and some other foo like mysql db connection will be all that is needed.  Hopefully no more than a few days work.

We have a budget of $500 to $1000 if you are interested you should only reply to this email address and not the list.

Thanks in advance!

Jimmy Brake

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