[Twisted-Python] WANTED: Conch use-cases!

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Apr 23 05:58:27 EDT 2007

> Hey Paul,
> I'm very, very glad to hear that you'll be cleaning Conch up.


My use-case is connecting to various embedded systems (primarily routers 
such as Cisco/Extreme/Juniper, firewalls such at Netscreen and layer2 
switches such as Cisco/HP/3Com) and either running SCP, SFTP or various 
CLI commands. The latter is basically a better Expect.

Compatibility with the (many) buggy SSH servers out there.


...is one issue we suffer. I would *adore* it if the various bug 
workarounds present in clients (e.g. Putty) could be present and 
unit-tested in Conch.

You may also be interested in some basic SCP support I coded, and 
tail-over-SFTP support:


Good luck!

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