[Twisted-Python] 64bit Installation Problems

Scott Lamb slamb at slamb.org
Thu Apr 5 14:59:03 EDT 2007

*grumble* *grumble* I responded to this same thread on buildbot-devel  
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devel> Please don't post the same topic separately to multiple lists.

On Apr 4, 2007, at 3:34 AM, glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> This is what I do for Twisted *development*, but for deployment, it  
> is suggested to build packages for your OS and have them managed by  
> your package manager.  The issue Tim is describing makes it sound  
> like it would be difficult to build those packages for 64bit centOS.
> It sounds like this is simply a bug in either Twisted or  
> distutils.  I've had similar issues in the past, but I rarely use  
> 64bit OSes so I assumed they were personal misconfigurations.  Tim,  
> if you could track down this issue further and report a bug in our  
> tracker (if it's a Twisted issue) I'd be much obliged.
> You may discover it's a bug in Python which has been fixed in a  
> version later than 2.3, in which case you are likely out of luck -  
> you might just have to upgrade to  a more recent Python version.


Apparently there's disagreement between how RedHat installs Python on  
x86_64 and how the Python people designed it to be installed.  
Hopefully one of them will bend eventually; until then I just install  
all of the twisted stuff into the arch-dependent directory.

(This has the unfortunate disadvantage that you need to rebuild .rpms  
like python-twisted-web on each architecture, even though they  
contain no architecture-specific code. For that reason I hope  
RedHat's way wins out.)

I have source RPMs that do this at <http://rosalyn.dyn.slamb.org/yum/ 
centos4/SRPMS/>, should anyone be interested. I gave quick build  
instructions in the buildbot-devel thread linked above.

Scott Lamb <http://www.slamb.org/>

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