[Twisted-Python] 64bit Installation Problems

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Wed Apr 4 06:34:46 EDT 2007

On 07:14 am, johann.borck at densedata.com wrote:
>Tim Flink wrote:
>>I am trying to install Twisted2.5.0 and have been having some 
>>problems. When I run the main setup.py, TwistedCore is installed into 
>>/usr/lib64/python23/ while everything else (conch, lore, mail, names, 
>>news, runner, web and words) is installed into /ur/lib/python23.

>It's recommended to install twisted separate from the python tree and
>just put it on the PYTHONPATH.

This is what I do for Twisted *development*, but for deployment, it is 
suggested to build packages for your OS and have them managed by your 
package manager.  The issue Tim is describing makes it sound like it 
would be difficult to build those packages for 64bit centOS.

It sounds like this is simply a bug in either Twisted or distutils. 
I've had similar issues in the past, but I rarely use 64bit OSes so I 
assumed they were personal misconfigurations.  Tim, if you could track 
down this issue further and report a bug in our tracker (if it's a 
Twisted issue) I'd be much obliged.

You may discover it's a bug in Python which has been fixed in a version 
later than 2.3, in which case you are likely out of luck - you might 
just have to upgrade to  a more recent Python version.
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