[Twisted-Python] Foolscap-0.1.1 released

Robert Gravina robert at gravina.com
Wed Apr 4 03:40:52 EDT 2007

On Apr 4, 2007, at 1:36 PM, Brian Warner wrote:

> I've just released Foolscap-0.1.1, the next-generation-of-PB RPC  
> library,
> available in the usual place at:
>  http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/FoolsCap
>  http://twistedmatrix.com/~warner/Foolscap/

Wow, I had a read through the docs you made based on oldpb (http:// 
twistedmatrix.com/~warner/Foolscap/copyable.html and http:// 
twistedmatrix.com/~warner/Foolscap/using-pb.html) and think I finally  
understand what Foolscap is about :)

- I like how you've simplified Referenceable/Copyable/Cacheable to  
just the one type - Referenceable - while making the whole thing more  
powerful in the process.
- Being able to pass RemoteReferences to a third party - very cool!
- Serialisers are a great idea! I often want to send classes down the  
wire without having to subclass them. Also, many python types can be  
serialised now (e.g. datetime - I don't think these work with PB, so  
I have to convert them to strings and back again... I do this with  
Decimals too.... yuck!)
-  You can write a  Slicer/Unslicer pair to get an object that is  
copied by value the first time it sent and then copied by reference  
all later times. I *really* would like to be able to do that. I'm  
writing application now where uses create objects with lots of  
references to other objects so this would be very useful as I'm often  
sending these objects to clients again as they are updated, or are  
returned from some remote procedure call etc. and it would be nice if  
the client saw these as the same object.

Other parts of Foolscap I've yet to understand, but I just wanted to  
say I like where PB is heading.


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