[Twisted-Python] Twisted & Qt

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Tue Sep 26 09:45:45 EDT 2006

On Tue, 26 Sep 2006 11:49:47 +0200, Tristan Seligmann <mithrandi-twisted-python at mithrandi.za.net> wrote:
>* David Pratt <fairwinds at eastlink.ca> [2006-09-25 13:00:31 -0300]:
>> Hi Ed. Let's please leave the licensing issues of Twisted alone. This
>> change was made quite some time ago as a license that would encourage
>> developers to use Twisted. I think this should be respected and the
>> licensing of code you are willing to commit, committed at MIT, so we
>> don't need to open this debate.
>I was not under the impression that he was suggesting that Twisted's
>license be changed; instead I believe he was merely trying to point out
>that since Twisted code is MIT-licensed as a matter of policy, having
>code that possible constitutes a derivative work of Qt may be legally

That's what I took away from it as well, and it turns out that he was correct.  There is a problem.

I've gotten in touch with Riverbank Computing, the copyright holders on PyQt, and they are of the opinion that any Python code that imports "qt" is, in fact, a derivative work and therefore beholden to the GPL.

I'll be removing it from the Twisted repository and contributing it to Riverbank for inclusion in PyQt at my next available opportunity.  This is probably going to require an immediate addition of a plugin API for reactors, so it can be loaded externally.

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