[Twisted-Python] removing unsupported reactors in twisted 2.6: qt, corefoundation, threadedselect, wx

Wilfredo Sánchez Vega wsanchez at wsanchez.net
Mon Sep 25 22:41:06 EDT 2006

On Sep 23, 2006, at 7:20 PM, glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> The reactors presented in the subject all seem to have been  
> abandoned.  Even our friends at Apple are mainly concerned with the  
> use of Twisted for server work, and while they've been attempting  
> to help us find someone to poke around GUI <-> reactor integration  
> on OS X, it's not their area of expertise.

   To be clear, the need for tsr or cfr is not limited to GUI  
applications; it's needed by anything using CoreFoundation and  
therefore requiring CFRunLoop.  Many non-GUI applications require a  
CFRunLoop.  Server applications that want to use any of the above-BSD  
OS X toolkits (eg. via PyObjC) will fall into this camp.

   I expect to be in this category eventually, though I have been  
avoiding it to date because PyObjC isn't presently included in OS X.

>> tsreactor is private in twisted - starts with _, so it doesn't really
>> guarantee anything or make any promises about working, and it's very
>> useful for integrating with broken event loops.
> It's exposed to users as a reactor on the command line.  Maybe  
> *that* should have an "_" added to it as well.  However, if we're  
> going to keep it around, it should have a buildbot, end of story.

   Well, you just got this spiffy XServe.  Is it not capable of  
running a tsr buildbot?  Would it be hard to maintain?  (I seriously  
have no clue.)


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