[Twisted-Python] removing unsupported reactors in twisted 2.6: qt,

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Mon Sep 25 02:04:07 EDT 2006

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 02:32:03 -0300, David Pratt <fairwinds at eastlink.ca> wrote:
>Hi Glyph. I am not sure if I am the right person, but at the same time I 
>don't wish to see the code removed. I see deprecation warnings and failed 
>tests. Not great.

Now you can see how I feel about this code :).

>I am willing to help but I am not sure that I possess the expertise to solve 
>all the issues. I am willing to commit to trying though, hopefully with the 
>help of others. Perhaps I'll post on wxpython list to see if there are 
>others willing to help.

Thanks a lot.

This is as much as anyone could reasonably ask.  I'm sure that if you start trying to track down the issues within Twisted and asking questions, you will find that people on this mailing list and #twisted on chat.freenode.net would be more than happy to help you learn more about the reactor's internals.

>wxpython and twisted are both important toolkits. Twisted integration is 
>important to me for my own projects. I am hoping someone from the Chandler 
>project thinks so too and feels that sharing in this effort is the right 
>thing to do. I know there are a number of folks using wxreactor or 
>threadedselectreactor in their wxpython code. It is reasonable that we 
>shoulder some responsibility to help ourselves.

I really appreciate this sentiment.  I'm glad you're interested in helping out.

However, I think that Chandler uses Twisted in a rather idiosyncratic way; it doesn't necessarily make sense for them to help, since this isn't code that they're using.  If you can interest them in doing so, of course, that's great :)

If you are aware of other uses of wxreactor though, the more the merrier.

Now that you've volunteered to at least start looking at the problems here, I'll see if I can set up a buildslave to test these reactors.  However, I will probably only be able to set it up on one platform, and given wx's nature we'll need a few other buildbots to make sure it works consistently on mac/win/linux, so if any wxreactor users want to contribute an additional buildbot that would be great.

Please keep us all appraised of your progress and let us know if you need help!

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