[Twisted-Python] removing unsupported reactors in twisted 2.6: qt, corefoundation, threadedselect, wx

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Mon Sep 25 00:45:29 EDT 2006

On Sep 25, 2006, at 12:17 AM, David Pratt wrote:
> Hi all. I am also using the threadedselectreactor in wx without  
> problems. I have only just read these posts and cannot understand  
> any reasoning to drop it. What am I missing?

That it's broken according to the test suite, and that nobody has  
volunteered to fix it.

Perhaps the bugs are in the tests (a cursory glance at the qt  
failures suggests this might be the case for that reactor), or  
perhaps the tested functionality is something that should be expected  
to not work for that reactor, but in any case, either the tests or  
the reactor should be fixed. Tests that have been failing for a long  
time indicates that nobody cares enough about that code to fix them.

Clearly the best resolution of this would be to have all the  
mentioned reactors fixed. Then, nobody would propose that they be  


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