[Twisted-Python] removing unsupported reactors in twisted 2.6: qt, corefoundation, threadedselect, wx)

Itamar Shtull-Trauring itamar at itamarst.org
Sun Sep 24 10:54:15 EDT 2006

I haven't received the original email, for some reason, so apologies for
respoding in wrong place in thread.

Removing is a bad idea, although adding quality warning seems like a
good idea:

qt is failing *7* tests out of 3034, all but one i; that doesn't seem to
merit removing it. If there were serious problems I would expect we
would have many bug reports from qt users, but we don't.

cf... dunno.

tsreactor is private in twisted - starts with _, so it doesn't really
guarantee anything or make any promises about working, and it's very
useful for integrating with broken event loops.

wxreactor is a tsreactor wrapper which makes it suck less for the wx
case. AFAICT wx is one of the most popular ui toolkits for python, so
people will want to use it; wxreactor for all it faults is in most cases
going to be way better than whatever people try to do on their own,
especially if the branch I have lying around is ever merged.

The basic argument here is the same: 

1. People want to use these GUI toolkits.
2. They will thus either drop Twisted and write their own networking
framework, or they will write their own GUI integration code. Both of
these cases result in code that is likely will be worse than our current

So as long we are up front and visible about existing limitations in
these reactors, our users benefit by us including them.

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