[Twisted-Python] New OS X buildbot courtesy of Apple Computer, Inc.

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Thu Sep 21 14:00:25 EDT 2006

Today a box arrived in the Twisted Matrix Labs global headquarters (AKA the Divmod offices) containing a tricked-out Xserve G5, sent gratis by Apple Computer to help the Twisted team better support the Macintosh platform.

Chris Armstrong and JP Calderone have already set up the buildslaves, and you can see them featured on our Buildbot page as "osx-2.4" and "poll-osx-2.4".


This new machine is serving its purpose admirably.  The new build configuration, poll on osx, has already revealed some bugs that need fixing, less than 20 minutes after the machine was set up :).

There are several people who deserve some kudos here:

First of all, Wilfredo Sanchez, for both getting Apple to use Twisted on a high-profile project in the first place, and driving the process which culminated in the delivery of this beautiful machine.

Thanks to Apple Computer for dedicating these resources to our project.  I trust it will prove a worthwhile investment for them.

And finally, thanks to Stephen Thorne, who has been tirelessly keeping our tests running on a personal machine, and helping to keep the OS X platform supported until now.  Stephen, you can finally turn it off :-).

Pictures are forthcoming, if you know how Flickr works and such.

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