[Twisted-Python] Support for ICMP ping?

Colin McMillen mcmillen at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Sep 11 16:10:32 EDT 2006

FWIW, I wrote a Perl module called Net::Ping::External that used the
system 'ping' command to do ICMP ping on a variety of OSes.  'ping'
commands are remarkably different from platform to platform, in terms
of the arguments expected and the return values (IIRC win32 doesn't
return differently on success or failure so you actually need to parse
the output), so the purpose of N::P::E was to make a standard
cross-platform way of getting a useful result from the system ICMP
ping utilities.

The module supports Win32, Linux, BSD, Solaris (2.6 and 2.7 at least),
IRIX, and supposedly a bunch of other obscure systems (based on output
that I was given by a few of the Perl developers that had odd
platforms available.)

I've not look at or touched that code in years, but you might want to
look into it if you feel like writing a cross-platformish pinger for
Python.  (Google for Net::Ping::External and take any of the first 50
or so hits :))

- Colin

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