[Twisted-Python] Newbie question

Stan Benrsteen sbernste at mitre.org
Tue Sep 5 18:25:21 EDT 2006


I am trying to use the twisted perspective broker in a client that  
repeatedly makes remote calls to a twisted server.  I'm running a MAC  

I create a client object, which calls reactor.connectTCP(), builds  
the deferred object to make the remote call, calls reactor.run().  A  
deferred callback eventually reactor.stop() and returns the correct  

Now I need to do this again, so I create a new client object, etc.,  
which goes through the same procedure and eventually call reactor.stop 
().  Again, I get the correct answer from the remote call, but the  
reactor keeps running.  In other words, the statements after the  
reactor.stop() execute, but the statement after reactor.run() is  
never reached.  The client hangs.

What am I overlooking??

-- perplexed

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