[Twisted-Python] finger tutorial question

Ed Suominen general at eepatents.com
Fri Oct 27 13:23:30 EDT 2006

>> I am not familiar enough
>> with wxPython to say either way.  From my observations of the attempts
>> made by others, but with Twisted and without Twisted, I would try to
>> avoid developing anything with wxPython.
> I wouldn't discount Twisted and wxPython altogether... Doesn't  
> Chandler use this combination?
> http://chandler.osafoundation.org/
> I did a lot of looking around and couldn't find anything else as  
> rich, native-looking, cross platform (linux/mac/windows) and free  
> (for commercial use also). Although there was some discussion earlier  
> about the stability and future of the wx reactor, at least as  
> anecdotal evidence I have been able to use wxPython with Twisted and  
> PB without any problems.
> What exactly would you suggest as a replacement for wxPython then?

I have developed an internal-use only application using PyQt4 and
Twisted and have found the combination to be very effective. Neither one
cares about the other being there, and events are processed seamlessly
by both, with no threads needed.

The only gripe I have is that you can't switch your project over to be
licensed under the commercial version of Qt and PyQt4 if it has been
developed with the GPL version. It seems to me that PyQt/Qt may be
shooting themselves in the foot somewhat with their "start your app.
with commercial version or keep it GPL forever" licensing terms.

Best regards, Ed

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