[Twisted-Python] finger tutorial question

Ron Arts ron.arts at netland.nl
Fri Oct 27 05:05:08 EDT 2006

Jean-Paul Calderone schreef:
> On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 23:42:15 +0200, Ron Arts <ron.arts at netland.nl> wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi.  It seems you figured out what was blocking you, but I'd like
> to clarify a few points anyhow.
>> [snip]
>> This looks like a perfect target for Twisted, especially
>> because I want to write the GUI client in wxPython.
> Twisted doesn't have very good wxPython integration, actually.
> It has _something_; whether or not it works varies a lot, and
> the level of support likely to be available for it is minimal.

Okay, thanks for clarifying.

Is is possible to just integrate a Twisted client in
a wxPython program? I need to connect lots of
GUI clients to a twisted server, and both sides need to
send/receive asynchronously over that connection.

I could do that with plain wxPython, but I also would
prefer SSL over that connection, and probably also
support a separate PB connection.

Do you think this would be possible currently?


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