[Twisted-Python] finger tutorial question

Ron Arts ron.arts at netland.nl
Thu Oct 26 17:42:15 EDT 2006


I am pretty new to python and totally new to twisted.
 From what I read about it, it's perfect for my means.
I need to write a background daemon that connects to
a port, stays connected, reads information blocks,
keeps state, and write to a postgres database occasionally.
Also it should accepts connections from GUI clients,
that should display the state in a user friendly manner.

This looks like a perfect target for Twisted, especially
because I want to write the GUI client in wxPython.

So I started to follow the tutorial. Nothing too special,
apart from the last steps.

When making a finger library the tutorial creates
a file named organized-finger.tac. This file
starts with 'import finger'. The source for this file
is described in the tutorial as 'Code (from the module)'.
But I don't know where the module is.

If I try to use other pieces of code from earlier examples
as finger.py I invariably get something like:

           File "organized-finger.tac", line 13, in ?
             f = finger.FingerService('/etc/users')
         exceptions.AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'FingerService'

Another thing is the configuration and packaging.
The tutorial wants to do:

mktap finger --file=/etc/users --ircnick=fingerbot

but that throws me Deprecated fatal errors. BTW I am using the
official twisted production version 2.4.0.

 From the subversion version I understand that mktap will
cease to exist, but for the moment I am stuck in the last step
to complete the example 'correct' application, and start my
own work from there.

So what am I doing wrong here?


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