[Twisted-Python] threadedselectreactor

Jean-Paul Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Tue Oct 3 14:02:47 EDT 2006

On Tue, 3 Oct 2006 13:16:22 -0400, Timothy Fitz <timothyfitz at gmail.com> wrote:
>On 10/3/06, exarkun at divmod.com <exarkun at divmod.com> wrote:
>>If tsr is important, I would suggest finding a way to run Twisted's test
>>suite using it.  One way to do this is to implement the actual reactor
>>API using a subclass (or some such).  Trial might then run the test suite
>>using that reactor subclass.  Hopefully there will be support for reactor
>>plugins somewhat soon, but until then you'll need to patch the reactors
>>dictionary at the top of twisted/application/app.py.
>It sounds like even if I were to do this, I could still run into
>issues with the interleaving being untested. I'm personally using it
>to interleave with pygame, which is a somewhat common usage. Does it
>make more sense to write a pygame reactor which then trial can use?

That's what I meant.


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