[Twisted-Python] trac's reliability

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Wed Nov 29 00:53:41 EST 2006

Current trac status:
more or less working.

The immediate reason trac was hanging repeatedly *this time* is that  
trac's private mirror of the SVN repository was broken (svn info  
file:///$repo was also hanging, even though no other processes had  
the svn database open). svnadmin recover fixed it. So Trac seems to  
be working...for the moment. I've also disabled the daily synch from  
the real svn repo to see if that helps it keep running. I *think* the  
problem will reoccur anyhow, because I think trac/svn is somehow  
(recoverably) corrupting the bdb repo, but it's possible the copying  
process is what corrupting things but with a delayed effect. This  
also doesn't explain all the trac problems, only the one particular  
one that caused trac to be consistently unavailable for most of the  

In addition, wolfwood is now running Debian Sarge. Seemingly with no  
casualties. Also: old unused services: freshcvs, tmcvs irc bot have  
been shut down. Local install of viewcvs replaced with packaged  
version (slightly newer, too, I guess). Probably sometime in the next  
few days I'll look into upgrading svn.


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