[Twisted-Python] trac's reliability

Thomas Hervé therve at free.fr
Mon Nov 27 10:51:56 EST 2006

Quoting exarkun at divmod.com:

>   Segfaults in the svn bindings - in correspondence with the trac team, I
> have been told (almost in so many words) that bdb-backed svn repositories are
> unsupported and we should switch to fsfs.

I think it's a good advice: fsfs is far more stable than bdb (in my experience
of course). It's been advised by subversion for 2 years now.

> [snip]
> If we convert the trac database to use PostgreSQL, the SQLite segfaults will
> hopefully go away. ;)  This involves setting up a PostgreSQL server which we
> can use for trac (one is running on pyramid now, for the benefit of buildbot,
> beyond that, what state it is in is not clear to me).  There is a tool
> available from edgewall which is supposed to be capable of moving data from a
> SQLite database to a PostgreSQL database.  The various scripts and utilities
> which we have (eg, the weekly bug summary) may also need to be adjusted (I
> forget to what extent they are tied to SQLite).  Then, as an ongoing task,
> someone will need to maintain the PostgreSQL server.

FWIW, I'd be volunteer to help on a SQLite to Postgres migration.

> Personally, I am in favor of switching away from trac, as I have been since
> shortly before we adopted it. ;)  The only open question is when the
> replacement will be ready.

What's your main reason ? Is it the problem of stability or a problem of
functionnality ? Twisted tracker is the only one I know that have so many
problems with reliability. But most (big) trackers have made the move to

For functionality, I don't think you remember the roundup tracker :).


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