[Twisted-Python] Using Conch as a ssh server on MS Windows

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Sun Nov 26 10:52:52 EST 2006

On 09:27 am, rasjidw at gmail.com wrote:

>I'll probably stick with stdin/stdout, at least initially, as I have
>done something along these lines before, just not within the twisted
>framework.  Previously I used threading and emulated a non-blocking
>process through buffering the data read.  I've been looking into
>non-blocking pipe reading in win32, and it looks like there are a
>coule of choices. Possibly the easiest I've seen so far uses some
>calls from wxWidgets which adds another dependancy but seems to give
>more control.

If you're going to use stdin/stdout, just use the Twisted reactor's "spawnProcess" method, as the UNIX version of Conch does (although without the "pty" feature).  A great deal of trouble has already been put into making the Windows version of Twisted behave as if the operating system actually supported asynchronous interprocess communication.
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