[Twisted-Python] Anyone added NAPTR support to Twisted Names ?

Roland Hedberg roland.hedberg at adm.umu.se
Sat Nov 25 11:27:52 EST 2006

Roland Hedberg wrote:
> There is no support what I can see in the present distribution, but
> someone might have needed it and done a local patch.
> I've made a not so well thought out attempt to add it myself, but I my
> client (dig) responds with "Warning: Message parser reports malformed
> message packet."

Looking a bit further it turns out that the current definition of the
decode function in the Class Name in dns.py is *not* compatible with the
NAPTR definition in RFC 2915. Three strings in a sequence representing
different parts (as with flags,services and regexp in a NAPTR record )
is just handled wrongly.

I'll make an attempt at fixing this if no one beats me to it.

-- Roland

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