[Twisted-Python] advice on asynchronous LDAP?

Shimon Rura shimon at rura.org
Mon Nov 13 16:09:20 EST 2006

Hi folks,

I'm a newbie writing a twisted server that needs to access an LDAP
server.  I started by using python-ldap, which worked fine and is well
documented, but doesn't seem to have support for a callback mechanism
that would make it appropriate for a twisted app.  So I switched to
ldaptor, which fits the twisted model, but doesn't seem to have much

I'm looking for advice from people who have some familiarity with
writing twisted apps that include an LDAP client.  Ideally, I'd like
to find either:

(1) a way to use the standard python-ldap library in a multitasking
twisted server (i.e. without busy wait; polling at timed intervals is
a possibility but also seems bad), or

(2) a hidden trove of ldaptor documentation, or a mailing list or IRC
channel where I could ask questions of people who know ldaptor.

Any hints in either of these directions would be most appreciated.
And if you're not an expert but might be interested in forming a new
venue to discuss twisted+LDAP, let me know -- maybe we can set
something up.

Shimon Rura

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