[Twisted-Python] SMTP server

Jan Bakuwel jan.bakuwel at int.greenpeace.org
Fri Nov 10 04:57:31 EST 2006

Hi Jean-Paul,
> The situation is not ideal, but I think if you use
> IMessageDeliveryFactory
> instead of IMessageDelivery you'll be able to accomplish your goal.
> With IMessageDeliveryFactory, you can create a new IMessageDelivery
> provider
> for each SMTP transaction.  validateTo is still called multiple times on
> your IMessageDelivery provider, but because a new one is created for each
> transaction, you should be able to avoid making multiple deliveries to
> your
> real backend.
> (As I wrote that I realized it was not a very clear explanation at
> all, but
> I cannot think of another way to put it without actually implementing
> something).
Are you suggesting that I would implement my own version of
IMessageDelivery to include the abstract method I'm wishing for? Just
trying to understand what you're suggesting... :-)



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