[Twisted-Python] Installation of Twisted (Sumo) failing in web, words (I think)

James Kanze james.kanze at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 10:16:52 EST 2006

I think I'm having a problem with the installation of the
twisted Sumo package (TwistedSumo-2006-02-12, but Twisted-2.4.0
doesn't seem to work either).

Basically, I'm trying to get PyAIM-t working, under Linux (on a
machine with a very stripped down configuration, and on which I
don't have root access).  PyAIM-t requires Twisted (core, web
and words, at least), and recommends the 2.2.0 version, which is
in the TwistedSumo package above.  So I installed and built the
package, to the best of my ability (this is my first time
dealing with Python).  But PyAIM-t still doesn't seem to find
what it is looking for.  I added a few print statements where
the problem was occuring, so the code looks something like this:

       print sys.path
       print "trying domish"
       from twisted.words.xish.domish import SuxElementStream, \
                        Element, unescapedFromXml
       print "got domish"
       #  ...
   except ImportError:
       print sys.exc_info()[1]
       #  ...

The output here is:
   [... , '/home/team02/jakan/gnu/lib/python2.4/site-packages', ...]
   trying domish
   No module named words.xish.domish

What makes me thing that the problem is in my installation of
twisted: when I invoke "python setup.py" from the root, I get a lot
of messages along the lines of:

   package init filie 'twisted/plugins/__init__.py' not found (or not
a regular file)

In addition, to get anything in the library directory from the
path above, I have to add the --force flag, so that my install
command looks like:

    python setup.py --prefix=/home/team02/jakan/gnu \
        --exec-prefix=/home/team02/jakan/gnu/i686 --force

I'm sure that I'm doing something stupid and obvious that I'm
missing, but I don't quite no where to turn.  (This is really my
first contact with Python, starting yesterday.  I want to learn
it, but management wants a proof of concept that what we want to
do will work before approving the project.)

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