[Twisted-Python] manhole questions

Alec Matusis matusis at matusis.com
Thu Nov 2 20:30:03 EST 2006

I am using manhole with Twisted 2.2 like so:
manhole_factory = twisted.manhole.telnet.ShellFactory()
manhole_factory.username = config.manhole_user
manhole_factory.password = config.manhole_pwd
manhole_factory.service = t_service
port, manhole_factory).setServiceParent(application)
I have two problems:

1) Backspace and Arrow keys do not work with telnet. How can I fix that?
2) When I make a mistake and cause an error in the interpreter, the
Traceback gets logged into the application's main log file, thus polluting
it. How can I prevent these errors in manhole's telnet from being logged
into the application's main log?

Additional question:
3) When I maintain a telnet session into manhole in a production server, how
does it affect its performance/stability ?



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