[Twisted-Python] Problem with ftp upload

Stéphane Brault stephane_brault at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 2 15:57:00 EST 2006


I'm using twisted ftp api to upload files, I also added the ticket 1914 patch.
Here is my code :
class myFTP(object):
    def __init__(self, login, password):
        self.creator = ClientCreator(reactor, FTPClient, login, password, passive=0)

    def connectionFailed(self, f):
        print 'connection error'

    def success(self, response):
        print 'Success'

    def fail(self, error):
        print 'Erreur:' + error

    def doOperation(self, operation, data):
        d = self.creator.connectTCP(FTP_ADDRESS, 21)
        if operation == 'addItems':
            return d.addCallback(self.inventoryUpload, data).addErrback(self.connectionFailed)
        elif ....
    def _upload(self, consumer, file):
        return FileSender().beginFileTransfer(file, consumer).addCallback(lambda _: consumer.finish()).addCallback(lambda _: file.close())
    def inventoryUpload(self, ftpClient, file):
        name = '/stock/entrees/export_items_' + encodeDate(datetime.datetime.now()) + '.txt'
        return ftpClient.storeFile(name)[0].addCallback(self._upload, file).addCallbacks(self.success, self.fail)

The operation is called this way:
call = myFTP(login, password)
call.doOperation('addItems', StringIO(data))

The file is created but empty, it seems that _upload is not called, I can't understand why, any hint ?
I was also wondering how to disconnect once my work is done, I don't think keeping open connections is a good thing.




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