[Twisted-Python] Using Combinator without write SVN privileges? [was: Re: Branch based development]

Mary Gardiner mary-twisted at puzzling.org
Mon Mar 27 17:01:36 EST 2006

On Mon, Mar 27, 2006, Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:
> I think you're conflating reviewers with people who do merges/commits to
> trunk?

In the Launchpad model, the reviewers are a small group of people (a
proper subset of committers, actually), and anyone can merge to trunk
(or more specifically, since they use Bazaar, instruct a bot to merge to
trunk) as long as they present a "has been reviewed" token.

But in some alternative model, we could potentially have a really large
group of (potential) reviewers and a small group of people who actually
execute merges. Is there a reason to do that though?


<Tv> thomasvs: why not just talk some authentication protocol to the other host?
<thomasvs> Tv: why use something arcane and difficult when I have THE POWER OF TWISTED ?

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